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gaugeuk's Journal

Gauge UK, Trade and sell your jewellery here!
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If you have a problem with a user please post in gaugeukmods and it will be dealt with ASAP. Do NOT post in the Mod's private journal. Ever.

PLEASE get jewelery bought from here cleaned/autoclaved. Please note not all materials can be autoclaved. For a material guide please click here.

  • This is for people in the UK or that will sell to the UK. If you do not sell to the UK you can not post. You don't have to live in the UK, but you must be willing to post to the UK. If you post and refuse to ship to the UK you will automatically be banned. Use bod_mod_tradebodmodtrade,bodmart,  gaugetrade for larger gauge stuff or lower_gauge for smaller gauge stuff. Cross posting from here to any of those IS allowed. Sell everywhere and anywhere, its all cool :)
  • Do not post questions here. _modified, bmezine, bodmodshowall, bodmodsquad, bodymods, ilovepiercings, pray, self_piercing, stretched, and wicked_piercing were made for questions. Use them please.
  • Do not post things about shipping and packaging, it will be deleted.
  • No introduction posts. Use gaugeuklounge if you want to post intros or general UK piercing talk.
  • Posts announcing/promoting parties, events, and communities are banned. Use gaugeuklounge if its UK related
  • No posting links to your selling journal or other selling communities. Its rude and if you catch me in a bad mood you will be kicked, if I am feeling nice, you'll be yelled at.
  • Sell jewelery only. Try thriftstoreuk for other things
  • Pictures are to be 400x400. Anything bigger or more then one picture must be behind a cut.
  • Tag positive feedback, when I get around to working out a system, I'll let you know, but for now tag with "feedback" and "username" such as feedback frankthepirate and so on.

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