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For Sale/Free/Trade: 16g, 14g, 8g, 2g, 0g [Nov. 21st, 2008|12:38 am]
Gauge UK, Trade and sell your jewellery here!


Hi all! Having a serious clear out of my plug box and trying to fill it again with things I will wear lol :P Most things are $1 or under! I've posted this mostly to US places and everything I bought was in US currency, so yeah. :/ Just whatever the exchange rate is in pounds, I think at the moment its $1:£0.70 at the moment.  

For Sale/Free/Trade: (My wanted list is here :) Split it into two entries as it was giving people headaches lol. Everything is/is for externally threaded stuff unless noted.

          3x 1/2 inch surgical steel CBRs - New - $1 each
          4x 1/2 inch surgical steel CBRs - Used - $0.75 each
     Labrets: (all used but they have been autoclaved by the guy I bought them from (off gaugetrade) and kept in a clean bag after separating out what I wanted)
          3x internally threaded with clear micro gem (3/8) - $1 each (2 pending)
          1x internally threaded with clear micro gem (5/16) *note: the gem has come out, but I have it in the bag. - $0.75
          2x black coated titanium with 3mm black ball and clear gem - $1.50 each / $2.50 for the pair

14g new mixed:
     Straight Bars + Spares
          12x msc surgical steel bars with acrylic ends (5/8) - $1 each
               # 1 yellow/white checkered (see Photo 1)
               # 2 clear pink (see Photo 1)
               # 3 clear and white swirl (see Photo 1)
               # 6 clear red and solid pink swirl (see Photo 1)
               # 7 clear green, clear blue and solid white stripes (see Photo 1)
               # 8 clear red, solid blue, solid white waves (see Photo 1)
               # 9 clear red, solid white beach ball (see Photo 1) (pending)
               # 10 clear and solid white checker (see Photo 1) (pending)
               # 11 clear yellowish/orange with glitter (see Photo 1)
               # 15 neon yellow w/ donut (see Photo 2)
               # 14 orange and blue "koosh" design (see Photo 2)
               # 13 clear blue/solid white pill and clear blue ball (see Photo 2)
          1x 5/8 surgical steel bar with solid red/solid dark red/solid blue acrylic balls - $1
          5x 5/8 surgical steel bars - $0.75 
          3x 6mm surgical steel balls  - $0.50 
          1x 5/16 surgical steel labret bar - $0.75 
          3x 1/2 surgical steel CBRs - NO BALLS - $0.75 

14g used mixed:
     spares: (if you want a bar and 2x balls for the tongue bars will do it for $1)
          4x 5/8 surgical steel bar - $0.50 each
          1x 9/16 surgical steel bar - $0.50 
          1x 3/4 surgical steel bar - $0.50 
          1x 3/4 - 11/16 surgical steel bar (its right in between 3/4 and 11/16) - $0.75 
          6x 6mm surgical steel balls - $0.50 each
          2x 5mm surgical steel balls - $0.50 each
          4x 5/16 surgical steel labret posts - $0.75 
          1x multi spike blue top (sold to me as titanium)  - $1 
          1/2 inch total length clear red acrylic NF plugs pair - $2.00 - no o-rings.

Mixed Gauge: 
     0g used black acrylic taper - used - free with purchase or postage only
     2g DF used dark wood stone plugs - used - pending (Pic 1 and Pic 2)
     8g 9/16 clear pink acrylic pincers with 8 black spare o-rings - used - bought these on gaugetrade for a party and never even took them out of the bag :/ - $2? I have no idea what I paid for them and don't seem to have the post bookmarked :/

Postage is $1.50 to the UK as that is where I am or $2.50 to the US in a used bubble mailer. If you want a new bubble mailer please add $1. Will get proof of postage for every packet, if you want insurance and so on just ask and I will take your package to the post office and tell you exactly what it will cost. I think I can get it so you have to sign for it in the US and DC to the US as well if you want, will have to check though.

I think my prices are fairly low as is, but will do you deals on more then one item and things like that :) x posted, first come first serve!