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Wanted: 4-6-8-14g and in between! [Nov. 20th, 2008|11:56 pm]
Gauge UK, Trade and sell your jewellery here!


Hi all! Having a serious clear out of my plug box and trying to fill it again with things I will wear lol :P I am in the UK.

     1/4 wearable earskins in 4g, 6g and 8g. Especially 8g Clear, 6g Clear and olive pair, 4g Clear single OR pair and olive pair
     6g v1 hiders
     Something between 8g and 6g
     SF Dichro in 4g, 6g and 8g
     Hanging things in 4g
     SF Coloured glass plugs - not colourfronts
     1/4 inch 14g labrets - titanium preferred
     Classy stuff in 4-6-8g for work and family functions.

lastly in 4g and 6g blue glass bullet holes with blue satin dichro fronts (I have them in 8g and have never found another pair like them, if you have them you know what I am talking about - if all else fails point me in the right direction??)

I would like to trade the following for 1/4 wearable earskins of whatever sort.
     5/16 4g pink pair - Used
     5/16 6g olive pair (bought new, worn once for medical scans)
     5/16 6g white pair (new)
     5/16 8g clear pair (I honestly can't remember wearing them but I think I tried one on so lets say used but were bought new)

I have some more stuff for sale or trade here. Split it into two posts as it was giving people headaches lol.